XXXII Congress of the Italian Society of Historians of Physics and Astronomy 2012


SISFA 2012 represents the historical current state of the art of offering new perspectives in history of physics, history of astronomy and related to epistemological and philosophical disciplines.


Physics, Astronomy and Engineering. A Bridge between Science and Engineering. It illuminates issues of major significance: the interaction between historical–epistemological methods of investigations and science and technologies including their integration in foundations of science (pure and applied) and society in the 19th. The general theme of the XXXII SISFA Congress is to analyse historical problems related to the use of physics, mathematics and geometry in applied sciences, to be covered by a series of invited speakers. A main question would be: when and why the tension between mathematics, physics, astronomy, gave rise to a new scientific discipline, the modern engineering? Individual contributions are general but correlated with scientific topics and within the following areas: Anthropology, Archives, Epistemology of science, Foundations of science, Historical epistemology of science, History and epistemology of chemistry, History and epistemology of cosmology, History and epistemology of physics, History and epistemology of science, History epistemology of mathematics, History of architecture, History of astronomy, History of biology, History of chemistry, History of cosmology, History of engineering, History of foundations of science, History of medicine, History of physics, History of science, History of science and science education, History of physics and science education, History of mathematics and science education, History of science and logics, History of science and technique, History of science and technology, History of science, society and industry, History of scientific ideas, History of scientific institutions, History of scientific instruments, History of technology, History of scientific drawing, Museum, Philosophy of mathematics, Philosophy of physics, Philosophy of science, Philosophy of science and science education, Theory of science.






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