Essay on Machines in General (1786)

Essay on Machines in General (1786)

Text, Translations and Commentaries. Lazare Carnot’s Mechanics – Volume 1


Authors: Raffaele Pisano, Jennifer Coopersmith & Murray Peake


ISBN 978-3-030-44384-9

Springer, 2020


This book offers insights relevant to modern history and epistemology of physics, mathematics and, indeed, to all the sciences and engineering disciplines emerging of 19th century. This research volume is the first of a set of three Springer books on Lazare Nicolas Marguérite Carnot’s (1753–1823) remarkable work: Essay on Machines in General (Essai sur les machines en général [1783] 1786). The other two forthcoming volumes are: Principes fondamentaux de l’équilibre et du mouvement (1803) and Géométrie de position (1803).


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