IoP – International Conference on the History of Physics

In collaborazione con il Gruppo di Storia della Fisica della European Physical Society, l’Insitute of Physics organizza la Conferenza Internazionale di Storia della Fisica che si terrà al Trinity College di Cambridge il 4-5 Settembre 2014. Il tema della conferenza inaugurale è: “Electromagnetism: the Road to Power“.


The conference will inaugurate a new international series, bringing together professional historians of science, practicing physicists, science museum staff, lecturers, teachers and others with interests in any aspects and periods of physics history.

Student attendance and participation will be encouraged in the firm belief that a study of the history of the subject can inspire future generations by informing them about the lives and work of great scientists, and also facilitate a better understanding of topics that present conceptual problems today just as they did to their discoverers.

The conference, being located at Trinity College, will offer the opportunity to present some aspects of Cambridge’s scientific history. Visits to Woolsthorpe Manor where Sir Isaac Newton was born and undertook much of his work, and to the Cavendish Museum, with its rich history of exhibits, will be arranged.

It is intended that this conference will be the first in a continuing series organised by the IOP and EPS History of Physics Groups, with the EPS History of Physics Group taking the lead role for the next conference in 2016.



Per ulteriori informazioni, consultare il sito della conferenza.

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